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October Student of The Month 2017

Student of The Month: Neo!

Neo is one of the new students joining us this term. He is one of the smallest, youngest and quietest students that we have ever had, but, he is also one of the most brave, polite and determined students we have ever had.

He is absolutely fearless in any task that is given and puts absolutely 100% into it. He’ll give a big shout and do the biggest kick or punch that he can. Everytime we ask him if he can do a specific task, he will give us a decisive YES!

Neo arrives into class at 5:30pm each week (15mins early!) just to help us put down the mats. You can imagine that is a tricky task because the square mats are bigger than him!

Well done Neo! 😀

Neo Student of The Month October 2017 with Simon
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