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June Student of The Month 2019


Jude is one of the students we could write an essay about for all of his qualities 🙂

He joined us earlier this year as a very quiet student, but straight away put 110% effort into his training. The instructors always comment about Jude’s fantastic attitude and how he will learn the exercises not only quickly, but how he will immediately work on the technique to improve it to the highest standard that he is able to.

His strength of character really shines through when he is challenged with a difficult exercise or faced with a tough opponent during tag sparring practice. His confidence in each class has grown week-by-week. He truly has the heart of a Lion!

Jude’s excellent etiquette and willingness to do his best makes him a wonderful student and young man, and that’s why he is the top candidate for the Student of The Month award.

Well done Jude!

Jude Student of The Month March 2019 Large
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