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Taekwondo School in Rottingdean, Brighton

We’re a Taekwondo School in Rottingdean, Brighton. We offer classes for ages and abilities; beginners to advanced, children and adults. Whether you are looking to learn a Martial Art, Olympic Sport, get fit and flexible, improve discipline or just have fun while you exercise; we have a class for you.


Taekwondo School in Rottingdean, Brighton for Children
About DAN Taekwondo School

DAN Taekwondo WTF Martial Arts School offers for all ages from ages 4 years to adults.

Our programs are designed to help you with physical development, flexibility and strength. You will also improve your self-confidence, discipline, improve social skills, and self-defence in a safe and controlled environment.


Taekwondo in Korean
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Taekwondo School in Rottingdean, Brighton for Adults
Taekwondo School in Rottingdean, Brighton

There is no better form of all round exercise. Whether you want to achieve your Black Belt, compete in competitions, or just stay fit, focused and healthy; we have a program for you.

DAN Taekwondo School Kids Class having fun
Kids Class having fun! – DAN Taekwondo School

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