Beginners to advanced. Children and adults.

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DAN Taekwondo School – Martial Arts Brighton

DAN Taekwondo School – Martial Arts Brighton offers classes for all ages and abilities; beginners to advanced, children, teenagers and adults.

Whether you are looking to learn a Martial Art in Brighton, an Olympic Sport, get fit and flexible, improve discipline or just have fun while you exercise; our classes are for you.

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Taekwondo Brighton

What We Offer

DAN Taekwondo WTF Martial Arts School is for all ages from ages 4 years to adults.

Our programs are designed to help you with physical development, flexibility and strength. You will also improve your self-confidence, discipline, improve social skills, and learn self-defence in a safe and controlled environment.

Within each class we include:

Traditional Taekwondo

  • Poomsae
  • Self-Defence
  • Discipline
  • Gradings/Belts
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Modern Taekwondo

  • Sparring/Kurugi
  • Competitions
  • Effective Techniques
  • Fitness Training

Body and Mind

  • Empowering
  • Stress Relief
  • Flexibility
  • Confidence
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WTF Taekwondo Brighton

Our Classes

Every person that enters our Dojang starts as a beginner in DAN Taekwondo School. We help each student challenge themselves to find and break their mental and physical limitations in an encouraging environment.

Whether you are a child at school, a student at University or a parent working an office job, we will help you develop your body and spirit.

Separate Classes
Children and Adult classes are at different times

Not a Black Belt Factory
Our students earn their belts when they are ready, and not on a chequebook schedule

Work As A Team
Although we train the individual, we all train together as a team

Taekwondo Brighton for Families

Taekwondo Tenets
Understanding and practising respect and courtesy in everyday life

Build Your Body
Helping you improve your overall health with our fitness and flexibility training

Build Your Mind
Gain confidence, improve social and leadership skills

Fully qualified

Instructors and Coaches

Our instructors (two males and one female) have a combined career in Taekwondo of over 30+ years. This includes competing in Poomsae (Patterns) and Kyrugi (Sparring) at National and International levels, as well as attending several of the top seminars lead by Masters and Grand Masters across the UK.

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Beginners to advanced. Children and adults.

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