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Covid-19 Cornavirus Update

Friday 24th July

That’s it for this term!

We are aiming to restart again in September with the new school year. We will be posting all the information that you need nearer the time in regards to any special requirements to keep you all safe.

Meanwhile, we hope you all have a fantastic summer and fingers crossed things will start to return back to normal again soon.

Sunday 22nd March 17:15

DAN Taekwondo School is going to be closed now until the schools re-open again in a normal operating schedule. Although we are hoping for the best and looking forward to Covid-19 getting its butt kicked, realistically it might not be until at least after the summer before we can start training again.

We’re absolutely gutted about this as the students were training so hard and progressing so well towards the next club grading in June. We also had several of our young adults going for their Black Belt gradings during that time as well. We hope in particular the Black Belt candidates will understand and are not too disappointed. We said it would take an extreme event to postpone it!

But, with that in mind, our situation is not the same as other businesses and we are very lucky to be in the position that we are. We’ve had so much support from all of the students and parents over the years and wouldn’t be here without each and every single one of you 🙂

We will be back training and open as soon as we get the go-ahead and will advise you the moment we receive that information.

Cancel your fees to DAN TKD
So for now, you’ll need to cancel your monthly payments to DAN Taekwondo School. Most of you have it set up as a Standing Order, all you’ll need to do is log into your bank accounts via their website, apps, phone banking etc and go to your Standing Order area and just cancel it.

At this point we can’t tell you to set it to delay or skip a month because we don’t know what the future holds for the next few months and would much rather you saved and spent that money on your families and businesses.

Make sure you cancel it now as some instances have a 24/48 hr delay for the request to go through.

Training at Home
We’re putting together a page on our website: Training at Home with lots of video links and other information which you can use to practice at home. As many of you are finding out with the kids not in school, keeping to a regular schedule and routine is very important. If the weather is nice outside, have your kids practice in the garden for their Poomsae, stances and kicks  -no sparring practise though! Wait till we’re back in the Dojang for that 😉

Training at Home – Check it out.

On Tuesday evenings (5:45 pm – 6:45 pm), Joanna or Simon will be offering a 10min video call per student who wants to be checked for any of the above. Reply to this email to get in touch for that.

OR you can send in your videos of yourself doing Poomsae, stances etc to for help with your technique. You can upload it to any cloud storage (Google, OneDrive, YouTube etc).

FYI – we will still continue the Student of The Month during this period ONLY for students that show us that they are putting in hard work in their TKD training AND that they have been on their best behaviour at home.

Send us your photos, videos and stories of how you are getting on 😀

….and finally
We wish you all the absolute best during this time and we know we will get through this. Please, please take the self-isolation seriously. We’re seeing many families (kids and elders!) going out as normal in groups and ignoring all the steps to help prevent the spread of it. Be smart and we’ll be able to get back to training, work and in school again.